The Vital Guide improves workflow efficiency and patient outcomes in hospital emergency departments by providing real-time patient vital signs and patient location to hospital staff.

Vital Guide Dashboard

  • A central integrated real time data monitoring dashboard with patient history
  • User experience designed to easily and visually spot fluctuating vital signs and patient location with case specific notifications
  • Providing continuous monitoring throughout the hospital

Waiting patients not continuously monitored due to spot checks

Reducing Nursing Unit Time

Vital guide system improves nurse workflow by providing patient data, saving important time wasted in periodical spot checks, locating and visually monitoring patients

Preventing Unnoticed Patient Deterioration

Our continuous monitoring device makes sure that quality health care is provided from the moment a patient walks in to prevent unnoticed critical symptoms and signs of severity.

Reducing Lost Hospital Revenue

With national average ‘left without being seen’ rate of 2%, an ER with 50,000 annual visits stands to lose between $500K and $2 million due to leaving patients. Vital guide system optimizes waiting room workflow to reduce nursing times leading to a continuously monitored patient.

Location & Health Data

Caregivers can view real time and historical vital sign data and location which helps them predict trend, take important decisions in the treatment of the patient together leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Every moment in the hospital, continuously monitored.

Vitalguide is changing the way patients receive quality healthcare throughout the hospital.

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